COVID Crusades

Helping the victims of COVID-19 through the stories we film

the project

The COVID Crusades is a fundraising film project providing relief to victims of Covid-19 in Austin, Texas.

Our films examine all aspects of the pandemic in Austin, as well as other larger cities and smaller communities in the United States. You will see the pandemic through the eyes of individuals, frontline workers, business owners, politicians, non-profit organizations, the media, artists, and musicians.

The COVID Crusades will share stories about the harsh realities of the pandemic and inspirational stories of heroes leading the fight against Covid-19. Joining us on our journey will help others during this global crisis.


Restaurant-owner and pastry savant, Tavel Bristol-Joseph at Hestia in Austin, Texas

The Filmmakers

The COVID Crusades team is based in Austin, Texas. We are all passionate about creating films and making our world a better place. We are united in our support of all causes that are at work to create a positive change in the world while helping fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our team has always been committed to making films with meaning that represents our values, as filmmakers and individuals. We feel that trying to help others during this pandemic while documenting the effects of Covid-19 is our obligation as responsible filmmakers and human beings.

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