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sharing the stories of those affected by COVID-19

the project


COVID Crusades is a not-for-profit fundraising film project. It’s purpose is to share stories told by people from all walks of life while providing relief to the individuals and communities being impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. Fitted with a motorhome and country tunes, the team took 5,765 roadtrip across the United States and back to Austin, Texas, filming the effects Covid-19 is having on personal lives, jobs, families and businesses.

The journey began in Austin, Texas where the filmmakers reside, followed by cities on the West Coast with some of the highest numbers of COVID-19 cases including Seattle, San Francisco, and LA. Interview excerpts, footage of barren cities, behind the scenes happenings, and updates from the filmmakers are published regularly on social platforms to connect the audience with those communities visited.

All necessary medical precautions are being taken to keep both the crew, and the communities they come into contact with, safe from the virus during production. The journey began in April of 2020 and will conclude at a time to be determined by the crew. Throughout this time, the Covid Crusades Patreon will be accepting donations for access to film episodes and behind the scenes footage.

Homeless man in Austin, 03/21/2020
Homeless man sleeps on 6th Street. Austin 03/21/2020 ©Marina Petric

Based in Austin, TX

The Filmmakers

The dedicated team of filmmakers on the COVID Crusade team are passionate about making a difference to help those struggling to survive the pandemic as they record this unprecedented time in history.

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