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sharing the stories of those affected by COVID-19

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The purpose of the COVID Crusades is to share stories of altruism, hope, and resiliency from communities and individuals affected by the Coronavirus pandemic while raising funds to aid those most in need. Fitted with a motorhome and country tunes, filmmakers Sam Dillon and Kirk Word are road tripping across the United States portraying the complexity, adversity, hope, and infinite kindness during this time in history. From barren city streets, to bustling food donation centers, to the shuttered homeless shelters, to the farms that feed us, COVID Crusades artistically captures the transformation taking place in our communities and in ourselves.

By sharing others’ experiences of life during the coronavirus pandemic, the Covid Crusades production will illuminate humanity’s benevolence and connectedness while inspiring people to support their global citizens through whichever means they are able.  As filmmakers, Sam and Kirk feel responsible for relaying the story of our time’s pandemic, to not only serve the present situation, but future generations as well.

Homeless man in Austin, 03/21/2020
Homeless man sleeps on 6th Street. Austin 03/21/2020 ©Marina Petric

We are based in Austin, TX

The Filmmakers

The COVID Crusades is led by Austin’s Sam Dillon and Kirk Word, filmmakers and residents of Austin, Texas. Sam and Kirk are passionate about people and giving back to their community. The COVID Crusades production team is committed to providing viewers with unscripted and not-for-profit short films showcasing the compassion and resiliency that is humankind during 2020.

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