Our Production

The Scope

The COVID Crusades began with a six week trip throughout the western United States. We filmed amazing stories before returning to Austin after 5,765 miles in our RV.

After returning from our road trip with stories to give a national perspective on the pandemic, we turned our focus on Austin, Texas. The COVID Crusades has filmed stories that cover the impactful issues and the long-term effects Covid-19 could have on our culture in Austin. We also feature remote recordings to include the current events and inspirational stories affecting our community.


The COVID Crusades is an effort to provide assistance to those in Austin, Texas that are in need during the Covid-19. We intend to continue our support after the pandemic until our community and the lives of its victims return to normal.

We publish our productions for free on YouTube so everyone can be part of the journey. By following and sharing our stories with others, you will be helping the COVID Crusades in our relief efforts during the pandemic.


Covid-19 has continuously changed the way we live our lives and staying current of the daily changes in the pandemic is part of the COVID Crusades production. The frequent recordings of our remote conversations during our production are also published for viewing on several of our social media platforms.

The remote recordings cover current events and inspirational stories of the pandemic in Austin. We encourage those supporting our efforts to help us stay aware of our community heroes, so we can bring Austin the stories of their neighbor’s efforts to help our community

Funding and Relief

The COVID Crusades is a not-for-profit production. The production depends on the support of the Austin community to raise the funds that are distributed to those leading the fight against Covid-19 and providing relief to Austin, Texas during the pandemic.

We support Austin-based nonprofit organizations that are proactive in their fight to help Covid-19 victims. All of our nonprofit partners support the COVID Crusades efforts to promote social change and ensure no individual or group is excluded in our effort to help Austin through the pandemic.

To support the COVID Crusades as a partner, contact us through our website or on one of our social platforms. More information about our non-profit and other Austin relationships can be found on the Our Partners page of this site.

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