The COVID Crusades film production will include a video podcast that actively engages with the COVID Crusades community. The podcast will be host to the incredible people interviewed as part of the film series, strangers met along the way, and Kirk’s, Sam’s, and Gabriella’s personal experiences of the pandemic and the journey to document it. It will be published regularly as the traveling schedule permits.


The journey began in Austin, Texas where the filmmakers reside, followed by cities on the West Coast with some of the highest numbers of COVID-19 cases including Seattle, San Francisco, and LA. The COVID Crusades team will be sharing footage and on-the-road updates through multiple social media platforms as they continue their journey from the West Coast, to the Great Basin region, back to Texas, and up to the East Coast. The social community will be kept informed of the tentative travel schedule and are encouraged to offer suggestions for places to visit or people to talk to in those areas.

Funding and Management

Apart from covering the streamlined production costs, all funds raised will go toward those in need due to this pandemic. The Covid Crusades funding platform, Patreon will be accepting donations for access to film episodes and behind the scenes footage. The COVID Crusades finance committee will oversee the management of funding provided by the social giving platform. The committee will be able to fund the project for continued production expenses while immediately distributing assistance to those in need.

We don’t feel it is the time to ask for extreme commitments from those who would like to help. The funding platform encourages grassroots mobilization by offering content for as little as $3.00. The COVID team understands the financial obstacles that many are facing right now and believes that every donation is a meaningful contribution toward the common goal of mitigating the pandemic’s effects.

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