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  • Gabriella Shemer
    Gabriella Shemer

    Gabriella Shemer is the Production Coordinator, Communications Officer, and VP of Keeping Everyone in Good Spirits.

    Gabriella is responsible for research, orchestrating interviews with guests on a national and local level, and managing all social and fundraising platforms. The infrastructure of her life was shaken by the pandemic, including her job, at which time she was serendipitously asked to be the production coordinator for a Coronavirus film series.

    Five months later, she is doing the work she had only ever dreamt of. Listening to and sharing people’s stories. Documenting the bravery & beauty of life. Engaging with national and local events. Creating. Serving her community here in Austin, and the global community beyond.

    Gabriella is a native Austinite, feminist, and under-cover life coach. She finds flowers everywhere she goes and is usually talking to her cat.

  • Elizabeth Carroll
    Elizabeth Carroll

    Elizabeth Carroll studied documentary film at the University of San Francisco under Sundance fellow and Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Sam Green.

    Her first feature film, Diana Kennedy: Nothing Fancy, won a Special Jury Award for Excellence in Storytelling at SXSW in 2019 and was selected at over 35 film festivals internationally, later securing North American distribution with Greenwich Entertainment.

    Elizabeth lives in her native Austin, Texas, with her partner and dog. She is currently in development on narrative and documentary work exploring varying aspects of the food world.

  • Harmoni Kelley
    Harmoni Kelley

    When she’s not enjoying all of the awesomeness that her hometown of Austin, TX has to offer, Harmoni Kelley is out on tour playing bass and singing with country music star Kenny Chesney.

    Harmoni studied TV and film production at UT Austin but, after graduating, music became her focus and at any given moment, she was in a van, a tour bus or on a plan with gigs all over the country.

    It’s only fitting that, at a time when the pandemic has completely sidelined the music industry and large-scale touring isn’t a reality, that she would circle back around to something she was always passionate about. When Harmoni got the call to join the production team for Covid Crusades, she jumped at the opportunity to hop on board.

  • Kirk Word
    Kirk Word

    After a career in the business world, Kirk sold his real estate firm in Dallas, Texas in 2008 and retired to pursue his dream. He began to invest in film projects with a documentarian friend in Los Angeles and became connected to a creative world he had always known was his calling in life. After moving to Austin in 2018, he walked away from his ESPN radio show in Dallas in 2019 to focus on writing and producing his first film projects. In 2020, pre-production was underway for his first film projects, a documentary and a movie based on a script he had written, when the Coronavirus pandemic caused both productions to be put on hold. Production of the COVID Crusades began in May 2020 to help victims of the pandemic in Austin, Texas.

  • Andrew Shelley
    Andrew Shelley

    Andrew is a University of Houston graduate where he majored in Economics. Prior to joining the COVID Crusades team, he worked for a category management consulting startup managing accounts for the largest foodservice distributor in North America. Andrew brings 5 years of experience in business planning, project management, and client relationship management.

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