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The filmmakers have always had active roles in the community and consider service to others a responsibility. When the film projects they were collaborating on were affected by the Coronavirus, they put their heads together to create the COVID Crusades.

The project is intended to document this important time in our history, raise money to help those in need, and give to organizations that are helping bring the threat to an end.

This is a not-for-profit passion project for Sam and Kirk and the volunteer crew that will be part of the COVID Crusades team.

The Team

Kirk Word

The Team

After a career in the business world, Kirk sold his real estate appraisal firm in Dallas, Texas in 2008 and retired to pursue his dream.  He began to invest in film projects with a documentarian friend in Los Angeles and became connected to a creative world he had always known was his calling in life.   After moving to Austin in 2018, he walked away from his ESPN radio show in Dallas in 2019 to focus on podcasting, writing and producing his first film projects.  In 2020, pre-production was underway for two film projects when the Coronavirus pandemic invaded causing both productions to be put on hold.

The Team

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